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Need to acquire users, leads, or customers at a faster rate? Through content marketing, SEO, social, and PPC, we can help you reach and surpass your growth goals.

Conversion Optimiation

Is your site not converting well? Through A/B testing, landing page testing, and UX testing, we'll help you achieve more revenue, greater ROI, lower acquisition costs, and higher retention.

Web Development

You shouldn't have to tinker with Wordpress or, *gasp* WIX on your own, nor should you pay through the roof for a custom website. Let us help you build something clean, to-the-point, and on-brand.

Your Pilots

Your friendly neighorhood marketers. We're scrappy, we're lean. We test and iterate fast.

Kirill Sajaev
A Russian-American Chicago-native, Kirill is now based in NYC where he works on online marketing campaigns with a focus on wholesome online strategy tuned for conversions and ROI. Kirill's experience ranges from managing mutli-channel campaigns for Fortune 500 companies to working with start ups & local business to help them get the most out of their budgets. His strategies are rooted heavily in data & analytics to zero in on the correct sales funnel for each market. Otherwise he's traveling, going to concerts, and trying to learn to surf and fix motorcycles.

Nicole Fu
Born in BC and raised in Singapore, Nicole spent her formative years in Halifax, Tokyo, and Montreal. There, she completed a Mathematics and Statistics degree and launched an ecommerce startup. A technical and data-savvy marketer, Nicole owns end-to-end marketing solutions e.g. from campaign strategy to content/copy to ad buy to reporting. Her focus is on internet businesses and SaaS, and has worked with tech/startups to household names like Airbnb and AT&T. Nicole spends her leisure time exploring nature, and loves the arts.

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